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Bariatric Surgery Myth – Bariatric Surgery Is All I Need

October 5, 2020

Bariatric surgery is an incredibly effective and safe way to help you lose a significant amount of weight – in some cases up to 70 or even 80% of your excess bodyweight. However, the surgery itself does not make this … Read More

Expectations Vs. Reality – Be Sure You’re on The Right Track After Bariatric Surgery

July 18, 2019

You will often hear people describe weight loss surgery as the “easy way out.” Many patients have struggled with their weight their entire lives, which can impact relationships, self worth and self esteem. Further, as humans we love to compare … Read More

Making the Most of Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

May 30, 2019

As you learn early in your weight loss surgery journey, your bariatric procedure itself is only a tool. But even with all the best tools in the toolbox, you’ll get little done if you don’t learn how to properly use … Read More