Out of Town Bariatric Surgery Patients

Because of our reputation as one of the foremost minimally invasive surgical practices on the Gulf Coast and in the Southeastern United States, many of our patients travel to have their bariatric surgery procedure with us. On this page, we want to help those coming from out of town make the pre- and post- operative process as easy as possible.

Out Of Town Bariatric Surgery Challenges & Solutions

Understanding cross-border insurance policy rules can be a challenge – and it is one we have extensive experience handling. It’s good to know that many insurance carriers will offer coverage for patients outside of their home state. Depending on the insurance carrier and specific policy, you may pay the same in-network rates. Alternately, additional out-of-pocket expense will be required. First, we suggest that you contact your insurance provider to fully understand your out-of-state coverages and benefits. Once you contact our office, we will also be able to assist in verifying benefits to help ensure no financial surprises after surgery

Preoperative testing will also require some coordination. Patients will have the option to undergo pre-op testing in their home city or state and send us the results. However, if patients wish to have their pre-operative testing with us, we are dedicated to making the process as swift and simple as possible. We will do our very best to schedule preoperative testing for as few visits as possible, minimize travel commitments.

Where Our Patients Come From

Aftercare Considerations

Proper aftercare is an important part of success after surgery. Early on in recovery, staying in the area for up to a week after surgery is ideal for us to properly evaluate your progress and ensure that we quickly address any potential complications. However, we also know that it may not be practical to do so and, in certain cases, it may be possible to return home sooner. Of course, follow-up and support is made more difficult by distance.  However, our patients have a dedicated team of nurses and administrative staff that will be able to assist with any questions or concerns.

As an out-of-town patient, attending support group regularly may be difficult, however, patients can count on support from our practice and we typically have one or more former patients willing to help on a peer to peer level, even if it is by phone or electronic communication. We encourage all our patients to find a local support group that they can attend, as being in regular contact with other bariatric patients is very helpful, especially during the initial weight loss period.

For any questions about visiting us from out of town, our dedicated staff can help develop a treatment plan and goals that fit within your geographic limitations.

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