Bari Trail Blazers Hiking & Biking Group

Bari Trail Blazers is a hiking and biking group founded to combine our members’ passion for improved health and enjoyment of our beautiful natural surroundings here in Mobile and Southern Alabama. Did you know that Alabama has dozens of recreational trails throughout the state and several of them are close to Mobile – close enough that a day trip is both easy and fun. In fact, we have a 36-mile trail on the Eastern Shore that offers fishing, swimming, picnicking and gator watching at various points along the route.

Who Can Join?

Members are primarily pre- and post-operative bariatric patients that are looking for an extra level of support and camaraderie as they navigate the challenges of obesity and excess weight. However, we welcome anyone looking to improve their health while exploring everything that mother nature in and around Mobile has to offer! Membership is, of course, free and events will begin in fall of 2018!

Who Organizes Events?

This group was founded by the team at Surgical Association of Mobile, PA as part of our support of the Alabama 100 miles challenge – an annual statewide program to encourage Alabamians to run, hike, bike and/or swim 100 miles or more each and every year. However, we rely on our members and participants to organize and coordinate specific events.

Would you like to become an organizer? Fill out the form below to let us know!

How Do I Sign Up?

We are currently registering participants that want to be a part of our group. We also need volunteers to manage events – use the form below to express your interest and you will be added to our mailing list and will receive more information soon!

Main Office

3 Mobile Infirmary Cir, Suite #212,
Mobile, AL 36607

Springhill Medical Center

3715 Dauphin St. Building 2 Suite 6D
Mobile, AL 36608