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Robotic Surgery in Mobile Alabama

Robotically assisted bariatric and general surgery represents one of the most significant leaps in minimally invasive surgical technology. And we at SAMPA are taking it to a whole new level. As of 2016, our surgeons will be using the latest robotically assisted technology in the form of the daVinci Xi Surgical System. Specifically designed with general surgery in mind, this newest iteration of industry-changing technology offers our surgeons unparalleled access to all of the abdomen. The result is the ability to perform multiple, often complex, procedures in just one trip to the OR.

SAMPA surgeons performed the first robotic weight loss surgery in the region in August 2013

Robotic Surgery AlabamaProcedures commonly performed robotically include:

The robot does not perform the procedure autonomously. Instead, the surgeon is seated in a console near to the OR with complete control over the robotic arms. The surgeon’s inputs are scaled and translated into perfectly smooth motions for the utmost in precision. Some of the many advanced features of the robotic surgical system are:

Exceptional Visualization

Typically, in traditional minimally invasive surgery, an array of monitors not unlike our home TVs are placed above the operating table. A laparoscope (camera) is inserted into the abdomen and projects the image to these monitors. Because of the positioning and 2 dimensional nature of the image, the surgeon’s depth perception is compromised. Training and experience has, of course, overcome this limitation. However, the robotic surgical system all but eliminates this learning curve. The cameras used in the robotic system offer a 3 dimensional and high definition field of vision, unmatched in laparoscopy.

Robotic surgery wristed actionWristed Arms

Robotically assisted surgery takes traditional minimally invasive instruments to a whole new level. The robotic arms are wristed, allowing for a range of motion that not only eliminates some of the limitations of traditional laparoscopic devices, but offers even greater dexterity than the human wrist.

The result is greater flexibility than laparoscopic surgeons have ever had before.

Created with Surgeon Comfort In Mind

Dr Forrest Ringold Robotic SurgeonIn addition to offering our surgeons and staff a great deal of flexibility, the daVinci system also reduces fatigue.

Traditional laparoscopy requires the surgeon to stand by the operating table through the entire procedure (sometimes hours on end) and look up at a series of monitors above the patient.

The daVinci System gives the surgeon a comfortable setting, seated in an ergonomic console near the OR. The surgeon is looking directly into the console in a very natural position.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

  • The minimally invasive nature of robotically assisted surgery means fewer complications including less blood loss, less pain and a quicker recovery versus open surgery
  • More agile instruments allow for complex surgeries to be performed in a minimally invasive manner when they otherwise might be performed in an open manner
  • Proven technology with over 3 million robotically assisted cases performed worldwide

Risks and Considerations

  • Robotic surgery still carries the risks of the same procedure being performed in a traditional laparoscopic manner. This is still major surgery with risks that include infection, pain, blood loss and in rare cases, death. You will discuss these risks at your consultation with our surgeons
  • The procedure may have to be converted to a traditional laparoscopic approach or open procedure if the robot fails or malfunctions
  • The surgical robot does not make surgery “easier” in and of itself. There is no substitute for surgeon skill and experience

Not all patients will qualify for robotic weight loss and general surgery. Patients can learn more about their options by attending a consultation with one of surgeons.

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