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Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Woman looks in mirror thanking her body for all it does for her and is capable of to improve her body image as recommended by the team at Surgical Association of Mobile

We are often told the first step in reaching emotional stability and a sense of well-being is to “love yourself.” One can wonder if the person that came up with this ever truly struggled with a broken sense of self. There’s probably not a person around who wouldn’t love to love themselves, but sometimes, for those of us that have struggled with body image issues and the lifestyle habits and social behaviors that stemmed from them, loving oneself is a lot harder than most will know.

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Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Hernia

With over 1,000,000 hernia operations performed every year and millions of other hernias going untreated, either because patients live around their hernia or their hernia is not readily apparent, prevention is even more important. To fully discuss how to prevent a hernia, it is important to understand what exactly a hernia is. Hernias are defects in the fascia of the abdomen – a thin but very strong layer of tissue that with muscles, makes up the abdominal wall.  If there is a defect in the fascia, this may allow the contents of the abdomen to push through, which may lead to further problems.

Man takes precautions while lifting to decrease his hernia risk and based on advice from surgeons at Surgical Association of Mobile

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Dealing With Plateaus After Bariatric Surgery

Woman at the gym tries new exercises to bust through her weight loss plateau as recommended by her weight loss team at Surgical Association of Mobile.

Unfortunately, with bariatric surgery or not, we will always experience setbacks in our quest for better health. At times when progress slows, we can feel like failures. Nothing is more frustrating than plateauing after bariatric surgery, having had months or even years of consistent weight loss. However, before we get into how to manage plateaus, it is important to remember they are perfectly normal, and you should not feel like you failed or take drastic measures to overcome them. Rather, we have a few practical tips to help you work through them and get back to your weight loss progression.

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar cubes aren't the only place you can find sugar in your diet. The Surgical Association of Mobile team shares five tips on cutting sugar from your diet.

Glucose is a necessary part of life. It sustains every cell in our body and without it we would not be able to survive. However, with diets worsening in the United States and around the world, excess glucose in the form of added sugar has become a primary culprit in many of the worst metabolic health problems. While men and women should consume about 13 teaspoons of sugar per day, the actual number is closer to 42. This means over the course of a year, the average person can gain a significant amount of weight simply from their sugar intake. Furthermore, sugar is often hidden in labeling as sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, and more.

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What Your Stool Says About Your Colon Health

Man checks in the toilet to examine the quality of his stool to monitor his colon health and track possible symptoms of colon disease as recommended by Surgical Association of Mobile

Between individuals, and even between bowel movements, “normal poop” can be very different. However, there are general hard and fast rules about how your stool should look to make sure you keep your colon in top shape. It is also worth remembering that your intestinal health plays a huge part in your overall health as well. If you are having digestive issues, there may be underlying health problems we need to discuss and address. With that being said, most issues involving the color composition of stool revolve around three key issues – hydration, fiber consumption and illness, whether bacterial or viral.

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Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA – The First in AL to Use Titan SGS Stapler

Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA are The First in AL to Use Titan SGS Stapler

As part of our goal of improving bariatric surgery for our patients, Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA are excited to announce that we were the first in Alabama to perform a sleeve gastrectomy using a newly approved stapling device known as the TITAN SGSmade by STANDARD BARIATRICS® in Cincinnati, OH.

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Where Caffeine Fits in to Your Post-Op Lifestyle

Is a regular coffee for a morning caffeine boost okay after bariatric surgery? Surgical Association of Mobile offers advice on caffeine after weight loss surgery

Before bariatric surgery we may not have thought twice about having a few cups of coffee or some tea. Caffeine was only a concern as we got closer to bed and worried about staying up all night. However, caffeine must be understood and moderated after bariatric surgery for several reasons.

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Maintaining Muscle Mass after Bariatric Surgery

While our quest for health and wellness didn’t begin with bariatric surgery, it may have very well been the jumpstart we needed to start looking at our lives and our health through a different lens. Of course, the naysayers would have you believe we are taking the “easy way out,” but nothing could be further from the truth.

Woman on exercise mat builds and maintains her muscle mass after bariatric surgery with exercise and healthy diet tips from Surgical Association of Mobile

Bariatric surgery is essentially the framework around which our new lifestyle and health choices can be organized. A framework does not mean the trophy. The framework is merely the path on which we must walk the walk in order to achieve our ultimate goal.

The good news, however, is the trophy is attainable, and if you really think about what it took to choose bariatric surgery, you’ll realize the victory is already within your grasp. To have made the decision to undergo bariatric surgery took a combination of guts, self-education, and faith — all necessary for any major lifestyle change.

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Comparing LINX to Traditional Fundoplication For GERD

Man with difficult to treat GERD considers surgical options available at Surgical Association of Mobile for reflux including LINX and Fundoplication

Traditionally, patients suffering from chronic acid reflux or severe gastroesophageal reflux disease (known as GERD) were treated with a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as a fundoplication. Essentially, the fundoplication takes the upper part of the stomach and wraps it around the lower part of the esophagus to increase pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter or LES and reduce or even completely eliminate the incidence of acid reflux. Indeed, the fundoplication comes in three flavors. First is the Nissen or total 360° wrap, the Toupet or 270° wrap and the Dor or 180-200° wrap. The latter two are modified Nissen fundoplications to minimize some of its risks.

While the fundoplication is extremely effective and generally well tolerated by most patients, it does come with several risks and considerations that ultimately led to the development of the LINX reflux management system. Unlike the surgical wrap performed during a fundoplication, the LINX system involves a bracelet-style device with magnetic clasps to wrap around the LES. It is about the diameter of a quarter ( SILVER DOLLAR). The bracelet can expand and contract to allow food and drink to pass through the LES easily.

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Why Carbs Aren’t the Enemy

Dry beans in jars represent healthy carbohydrates for weight loss and maintenance. Surgical Association of Mobile logo at top right.

You have probably tried to cut out carbs from your diet in an attempt to lose weight. And who can blame you? We’ve become anti-carb as a result of misinformation and overconsumption. The truth is too much of anything is not good for you, and that rule goes for carbs as well. Furthermore, there are good carbs just as there are bad ones, and today we will tell you how to know which is which.

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