Colon Surgery/Colectomy

SAMPA surgeons performed the first laparoscopic colectomy in May 1991

Colon surgery, also known as a colectomy is performed by removing some or all of the colon. Colon surgery is typically performed in a minimally invasive or laparoscopic manner. Once the diseased portion of the colon is removed, the surgeon can determine whether the healthy parts of the colon can be reattached.

The colon, also known as the large intestine, is the final part of the digestive system. There are four parts of the colon – the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon. Once nutrients of the food we consume are absorbed through the small intestinal walls, the waste product continues into the colon. The colon absorbs water and processes the waste as fecal matter, which is then expelled during a bowel movement.

Risks and considerations of the procedure will be discussed during consultation and will vary based on the condition involved. In severe cases of uncontrolled infection or contamination, a temporary or permanent (rarely) colostomy may be necessary.

About the Colon

The colon is also known as the large bowel or large intestine. It is an organ that is part of the digestive system.

Treatment Options

Treatment for colon cancer usually involves surgery to remove the cancer.

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