How Not to Be Your Weight Loss Worst Enemy

January 24, 2024

Weight loss is tough, even at the best of times, but many of us make it that much more complicated […]

How Often Should You Go to the Gym (And What to Do) After Bariatric Surgery?

December 20, 2023

After bariatric surgery, you enter an exciting time in your life. You’ve had surgery, and the weight is starting to […]

Easing Into Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

September 13, 2023

If you’ve just had surgery to lose weight, why do you need to exercise? You’ve signed up for a life-altering […]

Starting a Gym Routine

September 20, 2022

You’ve done it. You made a monumental decision and took the first giant step in changing your life. You’ve turned […]

Four Habits That Are Jeopardizing Your Weight Loss Results

September 6, 2022

The weight loss process is a lifelong fight against the chronic disease of obesity. It is a fight you must […]

Better Workouts After Bariatric Surgery

May 11, 2022

You are now on your weight loss journey and have begun making it a priority to get in a daily […]

Reducing Undue Pressure on Your Joints After a Bariatric Procedure

March 18, 2022

You may have heard every pound of additional excess bodyweight places 4 to 7 pounds of strain on your joints. […]

Dealing With Plateaus After Bariatric Surgery

November 26, 2021

Unfortunately, with bariatric surgery or not, we will always experience setbacks in our quest for better health. At times when […]

Maintaining Muscle Mass after Bariatric Surgery

October 1, 2021

While our quest for health and wellness didn’t begin with bariatric surgery, it may have very well been the jumpstart […]

New Data Showing Walking Without Shoes May Be Beneficial

June 17, 2021

A recent study has shown that shoes, and especially those with a significant amount of padding, may actually be detrimental […]

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