Pre-Op Testing & Procedures

Attending a weight loss surgery seminar and subsequent consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons are the first steps toward clearance for surgery. Once we have determined that you meet the basic criteria for surgery, we must then move onto the preoperative testing process. This testing can be performed by one of our affiliated hospitals or, if you have recent testing available, third party results may be acceptable as well. The typical preoperative testing regimen includes:

  • A physical to ensure general health and suitability for a surgical procedure
  • Blood work to ensure no obvious complication-causing conditions
  • Cardiac clearance to ensure heart health
  • Possible pulmonary/lung, renal/kidney and other procedures if deemed necessary
  • A sleep study if the patient is displaying the signs of sleep apnea
  • Psychological evaluation to ensure that you fully understand the obligations and responsibilities for your health after surgery
  • And any other testing that maybe necessary due to conditions you may be experiencing as a result of obesity or other diseases

The Two-Week Pre-Op Diet

Before surgery, patients will be placed on a two-week preoperative diet also known as a liver reduction diet. During this two-week period, patients will lose a some weight and mitigate some of the effects of fatty liver disease –  that represents a common comorbidity associated with excess weight. Not only does a healthier liver make for a safer procedure, but shrinking the liver allows for our surgeons to access the surgical field more readily. This allows for a safer and more effective procedure.

The two-week pre-op diet customized for you, however you will eliminate the worst offenders from your diet while incorporating meal replacement shakes amongst other things. The two-week pre-op diet also gives you a taste of what’s to come after surgery when your diet will be significantly restricted – consider it a jumpstart toward a new healthy you.

Attending Support Group

We encourage our pre-op patients to attend one of our monthly support groups to learn more about the procedure they will undergo, understand what the postoperative lifestyle is like and ask any questions of our former patients. Attending support groups not only prepares patient for the victories and challenges ahead, but also puts them in the weight loss frame of mind with inspiring stories from others who have been there before. Lastly, support group represents a judgment free place for those suffering from obesity to ask questions openly and candidly.

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