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Dr. Forrest Ringold Performs the First Synchroseal Worldwide

On December 5, Dr. Forrest Ringold became the first surgeon worldwide to use the newly FDA approved Synchroseal device. The device has been developed by Intuitive Surgical, the makers of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System that Dr. Ringold uses for most of his procedures. Synchroseal docks seamlessly with the da Vinci robot.

Synchroseal is a completely new and innovative energy device for robotic procedures. Using two separate energy probes, the device can seal small vessels by cauterizing them to prevent bleeding during surgery. Further, a second probe can cut tissue simultaneously. In other words, we are able to synchronize the cutting and sealing of tissue for a more reliable, procedure.

While it is early on in the use of this device, we expect that it will result in faster operative times and safer procedures without compromising the efficacy of surgery. Even having only just started using the device, we can see that there’s a lot of potential in general surgery.

Why Was SAMPA Chosen as the First Site?

SAMPA has not only been a leader in minimally invasive surgery but also robotic surgery. Today, several SAMPA surgeons use the da Vinci robot extensively for their procedures and we represent one of the most experienced robotic practices in the Southeast.

More recently, Dr. Ringold in association with Mobile Infirmary was named a robotic surgery epicenter for Intuitive Surgical. Dr. Ringold now trains surgical teams from all over the United States and across the world. Very few surgeons in the country have had the opportunity to develop an epicenter program.

Why Does Synchroseal Matter?

It’s not something you will see during your surgery and you may never come across the device again. However, as part of our dedication to the very safest and most advanced surgical solutions for our patients, we believe in using the latest in proven technology. Synchroseal is one such tool. Of course, nothing replaces a surgeon’s experience when it comes to safety and speed, but it is very useful to have tools such as these to make the surgical process more streamlined.

In the photo on this page you will see Dr. Ringold along with his OR team and our rep from Intuitive Surgical. Of course, you can also see the new Synchroseal device about to be used!

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