Breast Cancer Surgery

Dr. Dusty Smith Is Certified In Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

We are very excited to offer Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery. Dr. Smith truly understands how important the cosmetic aspect of breast cancer surgery for all women and how it can affect patient’s long term. Scars from breast cancer surgery have a very definite psychological impact on a woman after the operation. Some women embrace their scars as a reminder of what they have overcome. Others find the scars to be a constant reminder of a highly traumatic time in their life.

And while plastic surgery procedures focus on the cosmetics, breast cancer surgery is concerned primarily with excision of cancerous lesions or tumors – and justifiably so. This often leaves women with significant scars that, in some cases, can be avoided with advanced access techniques.

Enter Hidden Scar Surgery, where patients get the best of both worlds. The procedure to remove the cancerous cells remains largely the same and as such, patients do not have a higher risk of recurrence than with other breast cancer procedures. However, in qualifying cases, this special technique can eliminate visible scarring entirely:

  • Typically, a nipple sparing mastectomy can be performed by accessing breast tissue from the natural crease beneath the breast. This is possible if there is no cancerous involvement in the nipple and the patient meets certain criteria. This technique can also be used for prophylactic mastectomy (where high risk patients proactively remove healthy breast tissue).
  • A lumpectomy or partial mastectomy can also be performed using this novel technique. In qualifying patients, the cancerous cells can be excised by accessing breast tissue from one of three locations including the underarm, the edge of the nipple (areola) or along the fold under the breast.

Hidden Scar Surgery represents a leap forward in the cosmetic portion of breast cancer surgery. Thousands, if not millions of women have the option to minimize or eliminate the visible reminders of breast cancer, without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment itself. For more information about Hidden Scar Surgery and to see if you qualify, we encourage you to contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Smith.

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