Avoid the Midday Blues by Hydrating

Most of us experience them – the midday blues. Whether at home or at work, sometime after lunch, we start to get tired and just want to take a nap. For some, a nap is possible and may be a great way to relieve the stress of the day and feel fresh for the afternoon. After all, sleep is an incredibly important part of keeping our bodies in top shape.

Women with jeans and a white shirt drinking a glass of water

However, for those that cannot take a quick nap, many may turn to quick fixes like energy drinks or caffeine to get them through the rest of the day. Of course, there is the immediate benefit of such remedies, but as the artificial stimulation begins to wear off, we get more tired and less able to enjoy the rest of the day and evening. Further, these stimulants can cause issues with sleep and the natural circadian rhythm.

Before trying any kind of caffeine or other stimulant, we suggest you try drinking one or two glasses of water. Many times, a midday lag is actually due to dehydration on top of any stress or strain our bodies or minds may experience. And, amazingly, you’ll find if it is hydration you need, you will be back to your energetic self within just a few minutes of drinking that water. Not only does drinking that water bring back your energy for a more productive day at work or play, but it can also help you avoid a very common problem known as head hunger.

As we have discussed in other blogs on this website, head hunger is when you feel hungry and eat more than you should, but, in fact, you were thirsty the whole time. Making sure you get your requisite 64 ounces of water each day can help avoid head hunger and keep you feeling right the entire day. But some of us actually need more than 64 ounces and you’ll know it if you begin to feel thirsty. You’ll find even the slightest feeling of thirst means you may be dehydrated already.

There are, of course, many ways to get the water you need one of which is portioning out your water beforehand and drinking it at set intervals. There are water bottles that can help you achieve that goal. Just don’t try to drink all your water at once or in just a few sessions.  That will not help you hydrate properly.

The bottom line? Before you turn to stimulants to get you through the day, try plain old water. It may be just what you need to feel better without the side effects.

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