Solving Stress With Today’s Lifestyle

It is obvious that stress can contribute to weight gain in many ways. But how do we break the cycle and stop the stress related weight gain? For some, it is possible to combat the stress itself. Maybe there is a relationship that can be improved. It might even be unrealistic expectations you have for yourself that you can address on your own or thorough therapy. Evaluating the cause of your stress and working to decrease your reaction to the stressor, when it arises, can make a huge difference, but this can sometimes be difficult from the inside. Accepting the help of a trusted friend or even a healthcare professional could be the ticket to finding a more peaceful daily life, and smaller waistline.

However, not all stress can be easily avoided or eliminated. This is where it is important to learn how to manage your stress. Exercise has great benefits, both in stress release and weight loss. Studies have shown even short periods of exercise can help clear your mind and stabilize your blood sugar. Whether walking, boxing, or swimming, exercise of all kinds can have benefits. Incorporating exercises like yoga can also add benefits of including periods for meditation and mindfulness, two techniques that are used in cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals manage anxiety.

Breathing exercises can also help you to slow down your mind and reset, both proactively and reactively when stress arises. With breathing being an autonomous activity, meaning the body doesn’t need to actively think about it, we often find ourselves breathing in a short, shallow manner. Focusing on your breathing, even briefly can help you to release both mental and physical tension all over the body. Breathing deeply for a few minutes prior to a task can also help you to relax and shift your focus. Practicing this before a meal can help you to eat more mindfully, meaning you are less likely to overeat (or eat too much too quickly) before your body can recognize cues for fullness. Breathing intentionally can also help you to recognize poor posture. Posture has been shown to impact confidence and studies show both physical and mental benefits to “powerful” postures.

No matter what the cause of the stress, a cheetah chasing you or a deadline approaching, it is likely your body will try to trick you into preparing for it to happen again. The unfortunate thing is that our bodies don’t give us super powers, they just stock up on calories for future use, whether we need them or not. Learning how to combat stress before it comes your way and avoiding the pitfalls it creates can help you to avoid excess weight gain. If you feel your weight is out of control, we invite you to learn more about the weight loss solutions our practice offers, including weight loss surgery. While bariatric surgery does not eliminate your stress, it can help you reset your lifestyle and is an excellent tool to help you lose weight and keep it off long-term. Feel free to attend one of our in-person weight loss surgery seminars, or watch our seminar online!

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