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PPIs for Chronic Reflux – Understanding the Risks and Considerations

Woman with PPI pill in hand grabbing with two fingers

GERD is very common in modern-day American society. Many millions, by some estimations 20-25% of Americans, suffer from chronic reflux. The prevalence and significant increase over the past decade or two are best explained by the explosion in overweight and obesity in the United States during that time. Ultimately, one of the most common reasons for gastric reflux is intra-abdominal pressure caused by excess belly fat pushing on the stomach and forcing caustic gastric juices into the esophagus, essentially burning its sensitive lining.

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Can I Have More Than One Hernia, and Can They Both Be Repaired?

Man grabbing side and abdomen from hernia pain

Most patients will realize they have a hernia from the pain and physical bulge associated with the abdominal tissue protruding through the hernia defect. For many, this manifests in a single area of the abdomen, so is it possible to have more than one hernia? The answer is yes, and this is particularly true for inguinal or groin hernias, which affect men far more often than women. As the name suggests, inguinal hernias involve the inguinal canal. We have one on each side of the body. We also know people genetically predisposed to getting an inguinal hernia are more likely to get one in the future – either on one or both sides.

In the past, when hernias were repaired using open techniques, it was comparatively more difficult to repair two hernias on either side of the abdomen. Because of the surgical technology, or lack thereof, we would have to correct one hernia on one side and then move on with new incisions to repair the other. With the advent of laparoscopy, or minimally invasive surgery, and now robotic techniques, we access the abdomen through three small incisions across the abdomen. This allows us to access either side of the abdomen or both, as appropriate.

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