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My First Consultation With Dr. Ringold

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By Chad Reott, SADI Patient

The decision to get weight loss surgery came to me in an instant. It was a flash. I was sitting in a work meeting where colleagues were discussing a Duodenal Switch (DS) patient who had tremendous results in just three months. When I heard his story, I knew I was getting the surgery. And I was getting the same surgery – DS. I was even going to use the same surgeon – Dr. Forrest Ringold, at SAMPA in Mobile.

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Does Everyone With a Hernia Need Surgery?

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When we discuss hernias, one thing that often stands out in patients’ minds is that hernias do not heal or go away on their own. The nature of the abdominal fascia does not repair itself as many other organs and bodily structures can with time, lifestyle change, or conservative treatment. Instead, hernias are progressive and tend to worsen by slowly (or quickly) getting larger over time.

It’s also important to remember that hernias themselves are not inherently dangerous. This hole or tear in the fascia does not necessarily compromise your health. However, it does create the possibility of incarceration, where the hernia contents cannot be reduced back into the abdomen, or strangulation, where the incarcerated hernia contents (like fat, small or large intestine, or another organ) get pinched and lose blood flow. These emergencies require immediate care and surgery to avoid the possibility of tissue death. Should the incarcerated and especially strangulated hernia go untreated, the eventual surgical procedure may be far more complicated with less predictable results, and there is a genuine risk of dysfunction or even death.

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