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Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA – The First in AL to Use Titan SGS Stapler

Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA are The First in AL to Use Titan SGS Stapler

As part of our goal of improving bariatric surgery for our patients, Dr. Forrest Ringold and SAMPA are excited to announce that we were the first in Alabama to perform a sleeve gastrectomy using a newly approved stapling device known as the TITAN SGSmade by STANDARD BARIATRICS® in Cincinnati, OH.


During a gastric sleeve approximately 70 to 80% of the existing stomach pouch is cut away along the greater curvature. Traditional laparoscopic staplers require multiple firings to staple the entire stomach. This is due to their short cartridge, adapted for several different surgical procedures. As a result, the staple line needs to overlap somewhat and can be rather inconsistent. Fortunately, technique and technology improved to where we were able to use these stapling devices effectively and with fewer complications. However, the solution has never been ideal.


A Problem Solved

The TITAN SGSstapler, on the other hand, standardizes the gastric sleeve / sleeve gastrectomy by stapling the entire 23-centimeter line at once. This allows for a very consistent line of staples and was created specifically with bariatric surgeons and the sleeve gastrectomy in mind. While still in its infancy, the Titan stapler offers two potentially significant improvements over short cartridge staplers. First, a single continuous staple line should resist leaks better than multiple short cartridge staple lines. Second, this device should cut the stapling time in half, saving significant OR time.

We look forward to using the TITAN SGSstapler as part of a suite of new technologies in the bariatric surgery field. This and other recent technological enhancements have made bariatric surgery safer than ever before. For a consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons, we encourage you to contact our office.

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