Breast Cancer Support Groups

Emotional support is a cornerstone in the treatment of any serious disease. Breast cancer conjures up fears of all kinds and many find that support groups are very helpful in dealing with the unknown. Support groups focus on newly diagnosed patients, those currently undergoing treatment, those who have beaten cancer or a combination thereof. Some support groups are led by professional clinicians while others may be organized by patients themselves.

Knowing that a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment is a very stressful and emotional time, we understand that not all patients will want to attend support group – and that is okay. We each tackle the challenges in our lives in different ways. However, we want all our patients to know that beyond their closest family and friends, they have a dedicated, caring team at our office and many third-party resources in the Mobile area, some of which are listed below, that they can lean on when needed.

Mobile, Alabama Breast Cancer Support Resources

For Caregivers

It is also important to remember that the stresses of disease fall on the close family and friends as well. As a caretaker or loved one, it may be beneficial for you to seek support through formal or informal channels.

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